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Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs the East Montgomery County Improvement District?
EMCID is managed on a daily basis by Frank McCrady the President and CEO. He reports to a board of eight publicly elected officials from the area. These eight elected officials serve for a period of four years.

What is in the large building just off of the highway?
The EMCID complex serves as the home of the East Montgomery County Improvement District, the Community Chamber of Commerce of East Montgomery County, the offices of Montgomery County Youth Services, and Lone Star College – Kingwood @ EMCID Center. EMCID Center has over 800 seniors enrolled in their Academy for Lifelong Learning and offers numerous courses for credit or for continuing education.

What are your boundaries? (View Map)
The easiest way to visualize our boundary is to combine the school districts of New Caney and Splendora. Our geographic boundaries parallel the combination of these two school district boundaries excluding areas which are located outside of Montgomery County or areas which have been annexed by the city of Houston. Our district boundary is 158 square miles and is the largest Improvement District boundary in the nation. Maps are also available in our office and our boundary map is available online contained within our website.

I need to get my ditches cleaned out do you handle this?
No, typically, but not always the ditches are serviced by the county based on where the road is located. Normally a call to the County Commissioner’s Office will resolve whether the road is a county or state road and if the area you have a concern about is serviced by the county.

Is this where I get my license and tags?
No, the County Courthouse Annex located on the southbound feeder between FM 1485 and Community Drive is the location to purchase you tags and license.

Do you help the elderly with housing?
East Montgomery County Improvement District does provide annual community development grant funding. This funding is provided to 501(c) 3 non-profit organizations that provide services to the residents of our area. This funding is not provided to individuals directly. Montgomery County Emergency Assistance has programs available for housing needs and can provide additional information on who to contact if you are looking for housing assistance.

Since, I am a taxpayer what are you doing with my money?
Each year our Board prepares a budget and allocates funding for three main areas. These areas are economic development, community development, and a local scholarship program.

(1). Economic development focuses on bringing in new job and employment opportunities to the area, as well as, programs which can enhance the overall economic well being of our area and vitality of our local small businesses. See success stories under economic development for successful projects we have funded.

(2). Community Development focuses on programs which can enhance or increase the quality of life of our area. Programs such as public safety, community services, recreational opportunities, and funding for youth programs are examples of projects which we have funded in the past. See success stories under community development for successful projects we have funded

(3). Our Local Scholarship Program is one in which we have received national attention. East Montgomery County Scholarship Foundation (EMCSF) will provide a $1,000 scholarship for every student graduating from New Caney High School, Splendora High School, or any individual receiving a GED, or any individual home schooled or private school residing within the district boundaries. This scholarship can currently be utilized at any college within the Lone Star College System or by our Direct Reimbursement Program. Please see the EMCSF link for further information.

How are you funded?
East Montgomery County Improvement District is funded by a one and a half cent sales tax on taxable goods and services which occur within the district boundaries.


Earth Quest Adventures
earth quest adventureEarthquest Adventures Theme Park is a resort style thematic theme park currently under design to bring travel and tourism opportunities to the East Montgomery County area in the near future.
Did You Know?

EMCID annually funds over $1,250,000 toward local firefighting and public safety needs for the residents of our area. This year EMCID will allocate over $696,000 for the Porter Fire Department, $458,000 for the New Caney Fire Department, and $100,000 for the Splendora Fire Department’s needs in fire protection for the residents of East Montgomery County.

Economic Development
Economic Development programs for businesses in East Montgomery County include funds available for small business expansion and relocation. In each case additional jobs need to be created and filled by residents residing within our District boundary. These funds are loaned out at below market rates and can be structured to fit your businesses growth needs.
Scholarship Foundation
Educational opportunities are available for every graduating senior. $1,000 is provided for each student which graduates from within the local High schools, or those that may be home schooled. Please call our office for additional information.